This is us

The future of assembly planning is close to our hearts and we use all our passion and energy to shape it. Our products are designed to make assembly work easier and to significantly simplify assembly planning and production processes.

We are a committed and dynamic team that wants to achieve something big. We strive to continue to grow together and show the world how uncomplicated assembly planning can be.

» Our vision: Automation for the optimisation of business processes

At Assemblio, we value every single employee. Unnecessarily complex and time-consuming processes not only cause additional costs, but also irretrievably rob employees of their life time and not just the proverbial final nerve. Mental exhaustion in particular leads to declining productivity and motivation. Therefore, it is our vision to automate such processes to a large extent through the use of artificial intelligence. In addition, we use gamification and user experience-based design to simplify processes that cannot be automated and to make them entertaining.

In line with the motto: We keep the headache out of assembly planning!

» Focus on customer-oriented solutions

With a highly qualified team, we develop innovative solutions that meet your requirements and optimise your assembly processes.

Our approach is based on close cooperation with our customers. We understand that efficient assembly planning is crucial to the success of your business. That is why your needs are at the centre of our development.

» The company: How, where, what - Assemblio

Our approach is unique: we combine artificial intelligence techniques, web-based development and gamification to intelligently automate previously complex and burdening processes and create a positive experience for the end user. Assemblio was founded in 2022 as a spin-off of the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA in Stuttgart.

Enter the world of Assemblio and experience the future of assembly planning. Let us revolutionise your processes together and successfully lead your company into the next generation of production and product planning.

Discover the power of AI, web-based solutions and gamification - that's what we believe in!

» The team

Alexander Neb

Alexandra Seng

Carolin Drempetic

Donat Sinani

Florian Strieg

Greg Rauhöft

Jens Popper

Konrad Koch

Leonardo Chan Leineweber

Mahmuda Akter Disa

Marco Balzer

Md Morshadur Rahman

Savannah Reif-Romero