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» Improve your assembly efficiency with KIM - the intelligent assembly assistant

In an increasingly variant-rich production, the demands on assembly are also increasing. This can make the assembly of products time-consuming and complex. KIM offers you the solution to successfully meet these challenges. Through interactive assembly instructions, KIM effectively supports your employees during assembly.

KIM ensures that all assembly information is always up-to-date and accessible. Put an end to time-consuming work processes and uncertainties. With KIM, your employees have all the information they need at their fingertips to carry out assembly efficiently.

Always up to date

Automatic synchronisation of instructions and changes: From planning to production with one click.

Work effectively

The 3D visualisation of our KIM supports the employees in quickly recognising errors and avoiding them.

Efficient training processes

The interactive design allows new employees to be onboarded more quickly and efficiently.

The core of the assembly assistant is a touch monitor that is seamlessly integrated into your company network. With a powerful search function, your employees can quickly select the instructions they need without having to rely on time-consuming paper documents.

Even less frequently performed variants can be assembled effortlessly by less trained specialists. Long instruction periods are a thing of the past, because the knowledge of the assembly processes is retained in your company.

In addition, KIM enables the return flow of information from assembly. This means that assembly and product development are always up to date with the latest information.

You want to see how KIM works? In less than three minutes we explain our AI assembly assistance and what's special about it.

By integrating the Assembly Composer, 3D instructions can be provided that present the assembly process to your employees from different angles. This effectively eliminates ambiguities and uncertainties in the assembly process.

The user interface of the Assembly Assistance.

» It´s as simple as this

  1. Open 3D assembly instructions
  2. View each work step in a loop or in sequence
  3. Goodbye paper documentation at the workplace!

With our innovative system, assembly instructions can be accessed quickly and effortlessly. By automatically synchronising with the workstations, we ensure smooth integration. Our web application enables easy integration without dependence on CAD systems. No more need for paper documentation at the workplace! Improve productivity and reduce time.

Experience smooth and productive assembly with KIM - your reliable partner for interactive assistance.

KIM - the intelligent assembly assistance that provides your employees with all the information they need and optimises your assembly processes.

» Licensing: KIM

Discover the licensing options for KIM. We offer customised solutions for your requirements. Contact us for a customised offering and learn more about our licensing models.

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