Assem­bly Com­poser

Planning assembly: child's play and in the shortest possible time? No more headaches thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

No planning effort

A CAD file in STEP format is all you need. No additional preparation effort. No complex implementation.

Avoid mistakes intuitively

An intuitive user interface of the editor prevents errors in the sequence planning directly.

Simple change management

With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily adapt the entire documentation as product changes occur.

» Assembly planning made easy with the Assembly Composer from Assemblio

The transition from product development to assembly can be a costly challenge for companies. Determining the assembly sequence and creating assembly instructions are time-consuming processes, for example due to the high complexity of manufacturing. Errors often only occur during assembly and cause delays, costs and affect product quality. Familiar with this?

» Planning in 8% of the time

The Assembly Composer from Assemblio is the answer to this challenge. With a user-friendly editor, assembly planners can disassemble the product step by step and intuitively determine the assembly sequence. Supported by artificial intelligence, the Assembly Composer generates the required assembly instructions. In addition, documents in PDF format, videos and 3D instructions can be created.

The result: 92 percent faster assembly planning, less preparation work and a reduction in planning errors.

Let us explain to you in less than three minutes what is so special about assembly planning with the Assembly Composer.

Are you also tired of having to create assembly instructions by hand? Understandable. With the Assembly Composer, you shorten the time your company needs for production preparation and enable your team to concentrate on the most important things.

» It´s as simple as this

  1. Load CAD file
  2. Supported "Assembly by disassembly"
  3. Automatically generate documents
  4. Done!

Increase your assembly efficiency and speed up time-to-market.

Experience Assemblio's Assembly Composer now.

Editor of the Assembly Composer, the user interface.
The user interface of the Assembly Composer.

» Licensing: Assembly Composer

Discover the diverse licensing options for the Assembly Composer. We offer customised solutions for your requirements. Contact us for an individual offer and to learn more about our licensing models.

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